The articles that comprise this blog have existed on various platforms that were suited for the objectives of the day. The first instance was a free Blogger account that I used to broadcast my bike ride from Toronto to Kingston. Then it became largely food and travel, most of which is stored on Like any good fee-paying client, the personal blog and the food blog have merged and demerged many times.

Now it is demerged again. The reason for this is because I was struggling to write math efficiently on squarespace. Then by chance I came into a blog called, that used github, a coding website. Through my newly developed interest in machine learning, I had already known what github was but had no idea how to use it. What pushed me over the edge was when I was writing Soccer Flipcup, I found a word-to-latex converter that produced a web-ready document quickly and looked great. Now this site is fully hosted on github, and everything is coded unlike randwalk. Of course it’s a very simple site but I think it fits the content well.

Hopefully, I will write more technical articles since they are displayed so beautifully on this site. Perhaps even some machine learning articles. But you will see going back, the selection is quite varied. I would say it’s 1/3 “lifestyle”, 1/3 “opinion” and 1/3 “theory”. I’ve tried to only present the articles that might interest my readers. The selection dates back as far back as 2012.